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GoodGuide rating products


Help users understand the relative impact of the products they buy.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about where their products come from, what is in them and how they were made. This information is not easily available from most manufacturers or retailers and can be meaningless in isolation or without explanation.


Dara O’Rourke, a Professor at University of California, Berkeley, launched the Good Guide in 2008 based on years of research on the ‘greenness’ of products. All products are rated in three categories: health, social and environmental impact. The information is presented based on the user’s values rather than in a heavily technical way.

Product types include personal care, food, household, babies and children, apparel, electronics, appliances and cars. Users can access the information via the website, smart phone app or text message, and even scan barcodes using the smart phone app. The site’s data is open for others to use too.


Enables shoppers to find better products that are healthy, better for the environment, and socially responsible
The Good Guide's appeal makes it an attractive place to advertise
Clients can buy business intelligence reports that compare their performance with competitors across a comprehensive set of health, environmental and social metrics and provide data on what metrics matter most to consumers

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