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Xeros Virtually Waterless Laundry


Reduce water demand for textile cleaning.


In the UK, washing machine use has risen by 23% in the past 15 years. The average UK household uses almost 21 litres of water each day on clothes washing – 13% of daily household water consumption. This accounts for approximately 455 million litres of water daily (Waterwise).


Xeros have developed a new cleaning technology that makes use of nylon’s attraction for typical stain molecules. Exploiting knowledge of how to dye nylon, the team produced a bead that absorbs dirt under humid conditions. The system works in an appliance very similar to a standard washing machine that enables trivial separation of the beads after cleaning for reuse.

If all UK households converted to Xeros cleaning, that would save approximately seven million tonnes of water per week, equivalent to 5.6 million swimming pools per year. This excludes the reduction in ‘embedded water’, particularly water associated with the manufacture of detergent.


Save up to 30% on direct operating costs
>90% water usage saving
Reduced electricity demand due to shorter cycle times
Reduction in detergent use
Faster throughput
Less effluent
No need to tumble dry
Beads are reused hundreds of times and are recyclable
22% net reduction in carbon footprint. In the UK, that translates to 4.2 million tonnes of CO₂ saved per year, the equivalent of taking 1.4 million cars off UK roads

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