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Orangebox closed-loop office furniture


Create a closed-loop manufactured office task chair.


Around 60% of chairs end up in landfill. Office chairs are typically made up of a number of complex components that are difficult to separate and recycle. True recycling (retaining the value and properties of the materials) rather than down-cycling is rarely achieved in those that are diverted from landfill.


Orangebox has taken a long-term view on the impact of their business and developed the first cradle-to-cradle office task chair. The company offer a free of charge service to take back chairs to their recycling facility at the factory in South Wales. The ARA chair is designed for easy, clean and complete disassembly, with each component designed to be fully recycled into new products for the same use.

The back membrane attaches without fasteners and the chairs vertebra is a single piece of aluminium. The usual metal collar insert in the base for such chairs has been replaced by a more robust design and high-strength plastic. Orangebox is continuing to work with chemists and material scientists to further develop and refine this closed-loop approach.


The ARA chair::
  • already contains 53% recycled content
  • has 98% recyclable content
  • is designed for easy disassembly and refurbishment
  • has a closed-loop product cycle
  • is silver-certified cradle-to-cradle.

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