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AkzoNobel ship hull anti-foul coating


Develop an anti-foul coating that is environmentally benign.


Ships lose sailing performance and develop damage due to fouling which occurs when organisms such as barnacles attach themselves to a vessel’s hull. The usual approach is to coat the hull in a biocidal paint – typically a tin-based poison.


Intersleek provides a slippery, hydrophobic, low-friction surface on which fouling organisms have difficulty settling. Those that do can usually be easily removed by simple wiping/washing, or by the vessel moving through the water at speed. Intersleek is a unique, patented fluoropolymer foul release coating that allows all vessels above 10 knots – including scheduled ships, tankers, bulk vessels, general cargo ships and feeder containers – to benefit from foul release technology. The coating has a secondary benefit of reducing drag of the hull, improving efficiency through the water.


No leaching of biocides into the sea
Reduced fuel consumption
Reduced carbon dioxide emissions
Reduced wash water treatment costs at dry dock
Longer intervals between dry dock servicing
Reduces fuel consumption and transportation costs by at least 6%
Up to US$2.5 million savings over a five-year period for a typical ship

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