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Dow Sentricon termite colony eliminator


Find a reliable, more targeted method for dealing with termite attacks.


Each year in the US more than 1.5 million homes face a termite problem and need some form of defence. Traditionally this is done using insecticides in the soil around a property to create a barrier that the termites cannot break through. However, this approach uses large volumes of insecticide and creates both human toxicity and eco-toxicity risks.


Dow has developed the Sentricon Termite Colony Eliminator. This delivers targeted bait directly into the areas of termite activity. The hexaflumuron bait is significantly less toxic than conventional products, and much less active material is used because it is delivered directly to the right location. Only 1/1,000th of the amount of active material is required for Sentricon treatment. Since the active ingredient is contained within the applicator and is buried below ground, there is no risk to children, pets or other animals.


Less expensive active ingredient but better outcome, increasing profit margin
Hexaflumuron bait is much safer than traditional insecticides
Active ingredient is delivered exactly where it is required
Only 1/1,000th of the amount of active material required compared to traditional treatments
Safe for children pets and wild animals

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