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M&S enhanced biodiversity at Cheshire Oaks store


Enhance biodiversity in building flagship store.


Construction of new buildings typically involves destroying existing natural environment and areas of wildlife habitat. In extreme cases this can disrupt local ecosystems and a cause a decrease in biodiversity. Rich biodiversity is important for the long-term health of the environment and quality of life for local communities.


In building their new flagship sustainable store at Cheshire Oaks, M&S set out to not only protect but to enhance biodiversity.

The most obvious result is a large ‘green wall’ facing the car-park. Not only a visual statement, the wall also cleans the air around the car park and provides insulation for the store. The living wall covers 300m2 in total and contains 30 species of plants – all selected by ecological recommendation – which are watered automatically through a rainwater harvesting system.

Other measures included:
  • pre-construction surveys for bats, nesting birds and water voles
  • protecting two mature oak trees and planting 228 new trees
  • enhancements to the swale and wild flower planting will encourage flora, insects and amphibians to the area
  • nine swift boxes have been installed in concealed locations on the building and a further six bird boxes have been added in perimeter hedgerows
  • walls around the building and yard are free from mortar and cement to allow insects and plants to make use of the crevices
  • insect houses made from FSC timber hoardings and log piles
  • educational material for customers to understand the measures and their benefits.


CO₂ savings from planted trees
Energy and water savings from natural cover and capture of rainwater
Trapping of particulates from car exhausts by green wall
Visually impactful store

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