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Closed-loop Recycling of uPVC Windows


Increase PVC recycling by encouraging window companies not to landfill waste that is easily recyclable. Develop solutions to re-use recycled PVC in new products.


Increasing volumes of post-use PVC waste from early generation windows and doors are destined for landfill, with associated environmental and cost implications. PVC is a long-life material that cannot decompose in the ground.


Plastics recycler Axion Recycling Ltd is the UK agent for Recovinyl, the PVC industry’s recycling initiative, which has a network of over 30 accredited PVC recyclers in the UK. Merritt Plastics, a Recovinyl recycler and high volume trade extrusion company, pays £80 per tonne for post-use PVC window and door frames from installers and waste companies to incentivise recycling.

This waste is then cleaned, separated, shredded and granulated to make a recyclable material ready for re-extrusion. Merritt uses a monthly average of 120 to 150 tonnes of waste PVC, manufacturing a wide range of new low-maintenance plastic building products. End-of-life PVC enters its site and leaves as new items with up to 100% recycled content for re-use in the construction industry.


Reduced environmental impact; diverts waste from landfill
Preserves natural resources for re-use in the UK; reduced use of virgin material
New products contain up to 100% recycled content
Cuts disposal costs for installers
New revenue stream for installers and an incentive to recycle
Traceability – Recovinyl recycled 40,000 tonnes of waste PVC-U in 2007

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