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Neem Biotech Reducing Cattle Methane


Develop a method of reducing methane emissions from ruminants.


Some estimates show that the digestive processes of the world’s herds and flocks produce 20% of global methane emissions. Methane is a greenhouse gas 22 times more potent than carbon dioxide.


Neem Biotech has developed a garlic-based extract (a natural antibiotic) that works by fighting bacteria in the stomachs of cows and sheep and other ruminants. The product, marketed as Mootral,TM is given to the livestock as a feed supplement.

The key ingredient is allicin, a compound derived from garlic, which reduced methane production by 94% in a laboratory trial simulating ruminants’ digestive processes. Animal trials are now underway to work out the optimum dosage and frequency, in which latest results suggest they reduce methane emissions by up to 20%.


Simple and easy to implement
Up to 20% reduction in methane emissions on animal trials
Can reduce methane emissions with immediate effect

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