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Blackfriars Station Solar Bridge


Construct a large solar array in the centre of a city.


Solar arrays need a large area to generate significant energy and can be difficult to deploy in built-up areas.


London’s new Blackfriars station spans the river Thames and was constructed to provide better Thameslink services between Bedford and Brighton. The opportunity was taken to install solar panels across the whole length of its roof, making it the world’s largest solar bridge. The renovation is a collaboration between Network Rail, Solarecentury, Balfour Beatty and Jacobs Engineering. 4,400 solar photovoltaic panels will provide 900,000kWh of electricity a year and 50% of the station’s energy needs. Further energy saving measures include rainwater harvesting and sun pipes for natural lighting.


Reduced carbon emissions by around 500 tonnes a year
Iconic space demonstrating solar energy in a dense urban area
Energy independence for the station

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